Yarn Weight and Names

Yarn Weight and Names

Yarn weight refers to the thickness of yarn used by knitters, weavers, crocheters and other fiber artists.

Changing weight or needle size can have a significant impact on finished project.

Standardised systems are spread about, because as well as conversion systems for regional standards (especially for knitting needle sizes), people will often use their own systems.

Because yarn weights are as important as the yarn itself in achieving the correct gauge or tension for a particular project, it can also help with the yarn substitution too.

We hope this chart helps, if anyone would like to add to it please do get in touch.

Yarn Weight SystemUSAUKAustraliaSuggested needle (mm)Mill Gauge
0 or LaceLaceweight1 ply2 ply1.5–2.25 mm2/28 - 2/32
1 or SuperfineFingering2 ply3 ply2.25– 3 mm2/16 - 2/18
2 or FineSock3 ply3 ply2.25— 3.25 mm2/12 - 2/15 (2 str 2/30)
3 or LightSport4 ply5 ply3.25— 3.75 mm2/8 - 2/10 (3 str 2/30)
4 or MediumDK/Light WorstedDK8 ply3.75— 4.5 mm4/14
5WorstedAran10 ply4.5— 5.5 mm8/14
6 or BulkyBulkyChunky12 ply5.5– 8 mm12/14
Super BulkySuper BulkySuper Chunky14 ply8 mm and up

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Please use this chart as a guide only as some yarn spinners do not adhere to guidelines.