Testing yarns we sell, Lace Weight Yarn Test

Testing yarns we sell

Testing yarns we sell – As you know I love to knit and design knitting patterns / items of clothing, anyway one of the things that annoys me most with yarn suppliers is they rarely give you any info for machine knitting and what yarns are compatible with machines, the truth is 90% of yarns you buy will work on most knitting machines.

We test all the yarns we sell both by hand and on knitting machines so we are able to answer any questions relating to the yarns. You will notice on each yarn page it will say machine / hand knitting. I use a 323 knitmaster knitting machine to test the yarns on, a word of caution though not all yarns will work with every punchcard pattern. Because we don’t test patterns it is advisable to do a small test square with the punchcard pattern, if it doesn’t work you can always reuse the yarn 🙂

Testing Fira Fuschia lace weight yarn

Testing Fira Fuschia lace weight yarn


In the pic (right) I am testing the Fira Fuschia Lace Weight yarn on the knitmaster 323 knitting machine, this yarn is absolutely gorgeous and so easy to work with, I really love the bright mix of colours.
Being a lace weight you would expect to have trouble on a knitting machine, but really you don’t and in my opinion you don’t need a fancy machine of fine machine, this old 1972 knitmaster works just fine. Also you can only imagine the wonderful results you will achieve on a more modern knitting machine.


Knitting with Lace Weight yarn on an old knitmaster


The close up pic (left below) shows the amazing colours of the yarn, the yarn is a mix of Silk, Baby Alpaca and Cashmere, see how fine the threads are yet this works perfectly on the 4.5mm knitmaster 323.


Alternating with two hanks when knitting works is advisable. Because Fair Trade yarn is hand dyed in kettles, hand dyed yarn colour is never exactly the same, in some hanks, the yarn differs slightly in shade, colour mix or brightness.

Close up of the Fira Fuschia yarn

Close up of the Fira Fuschia yarn


I have used DK, 4ply and even the heavier chunky yarns on my knitmaster 323, if you are ever unsure what yarn you can use on a machine contact us, we are happy to help 🙂

Remember we state if a yarn is suitable for machines 🙂


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