Knitting Stitch Patterns 2

Knitting Stitch Patterns We have put together a useful list of stitch patterns with instructions on how best to achieve these gorgeous knitting stitch patterns Also for a list of knitting abbreviations click here , opens in new window.         If you like the free stitch knitting patterns. Share using one of the share buttons below, thanks so much, because we all love knitting. [share]  

Sifa Silver Yarn

Why Buy Sifa Silver Yarn made by Figgi Yarns Sifa silver yarn – Silver fibre in varying grades have been used in the mass production of antibacterial work socks and surgical garments for many years, this is the first time a pure silver fibre has been used in hand knitting known as Sifa Silver Yarn, for use in crafts and hobbies, instead of industrial and medical use. How did Figgi Yarns come up with the Sifa Silver […]