Sponge Bar FAQs


Sponge Bar FAQs & Answers

(Q) My machine sponge bar is 1-2mm wider than the sponge strip will this stop it working?
(A) No, the sponge is purposely cut to be between 1 to 2mm narrower than the internal dimension of the metal bar so it can be installed easily, this does not effect how the knitting machine works.

(Q) How do I know the sponge bar needs replacing?
(A) The first sign is a lot of dropped stitches or the machine starts dropping stitches for no apparent reason, if you slide out the bar your sponge should look intact and be spongy with a height of around 10 -12 mm of sponge above the metal bar base, if the sponge looks like it is flat, saggy, loose or full of grooves then it needs replacing.

“change every six months|

(Q) How often should I change the sponge or check the sponge?
(A) This depends on the usage your machine has and if you remove the sponge bar when storing. Using a decayed, worn or damaged sponge bar can damage your machine, we recommend checking the sponge before using machine and then check it weekly if your machine has a lot of use.  Sponge should be changed every six months regardless of usage as over time sponge loses its integrity and could start to decay.

(Q) Is replacing sponge as good as buying a new bar?
(A) Yes it is as good, we have found the metal in new bars to be flimsy and not as good as the original bar, we prefer the replacement sponge in the original bar, it is more cost effective & reduces your environmental impact. Beware of low cost sponge because it will breakup, collapse and you will only damage your machine, our sponge has been tested on knitting machines.

(Q) Why is your sponge grey?
(A) Because our sponge is the correct type of sponge and density, the self adhesive version is only manufactured in the colour shown in pic. The original sponge fitted to machines was grey, also over time it would have yellowed.


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