Sifa Silver Yarn

Why Buy Sifa Silver Yarn made by Figgi Yarns

Sifa Silver Yarn

Sifa silver yarn – Silver fibre in varying grades have been used in the mass production of antibacterial work socks and surgical garments for many years, this is the first time a pure silver fibre has been used in hand knitting known as Sifa Silver Yarn, for use in crafts and hobbies, instead of industrial and medical use.

How did Figgi Yarns come up with the Sifa Silver Yarn unique idea? Well, Turkish people have a lot of superstitious beliefs and there are generations worth of natural healing wisdom built into their cultural make-up. Silver is held in high regard in Turkey, and is mined locally. So, it wasn’t any extraordinary event for us to put two and two together when we came across a skein of raw silver fibre. Our certified silver fibre corroborates the advice given by wise women, who swear by the healing powers of silver on foot diseases, rheumatism, and general bodily aches and muscular pains. We also talked to an holistics expert and an astrologer.


General and Historical Knowledge about Silver,

  • In Ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages silver was used to disinfect water and treat burns and wounds,
  • The custom of throwing silver coins into fountains and wells originates from the belief that silver disinfected and improved the water,
  • American pioneers kept silver coins in their milk to prevent it going sour,
  • Lack of silver in human body leads to immune system disorder, resulting in cold, viral and infectious diseases,
  • Silver compounds were used to prevent infection in World War I before antibiotics were developed,
  • The first silver mines were discovered in Anatolia, Turkey,
  • In psychic terms, it represents prosperity and money and it is believed that if worn while sleeping the wearer will have psychic dreams.
  • Silver is commonly used in bandages, band-aids and antiseptic creams. More recently, surgical garments worn by doctors and nurses are being made from silver ionized fibre.
Technical and Medical Information about Silver,

Reflective: Silver is the highest reflective element. Most of the energy contacting silver is reflected back to the source thus minimising heat loss.

Emissive: Silver is the lowest emissive element, which means that it radiates thermal energy very slowly – retaining warmth for a very long time.

Conductive: Silver is the most thermally conductive element on the planet, and the most electrically conductive. It’s conductive quality also helps with circulation, swelling, fatigue and discomfort.

Antimicrobial: Recognised in the medical community as a most effective antimicrobial agent. It is claimed to eliminate a record amount of bacteria. The hotter and wetter the environment, the more effective it becomes.

Anti-odour: Bacteria is a major cause of body odour, as well as ammonia and denatured proteins. These bind most readily to silver. Silver fibre socks were worn by some of the athletes in the 2004 Olympics. Silver fibre workout garments are worn by athletes, hunters and sports enthusiasts in general. Garments remain fresh and odourless despite intense workouts. Silver fibre special garments are also worn by astronauts and some US military units. 

Benefits and Uses

  • Thermally regulating, it allows the body to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It accelerates the movement of moisture through evaporation thus minimising moisture contact with the skin. This provides a lot of comfort in warm weather.
  • Silver fibre inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi in garments. For example, feet harbour the most bacteria, fungi and odour. Eliminating these means that blisters and hotspots which can lead to serious problems are also minimised.
  • It will not wash or wear off! Silver is permanent, it is not a dye and will last a lifetime.

Some Knitting Ideas for Sifa Silver Yarn:

  • Knitted gloves, mittens and socks for arthritis, diabetes and sensitive skin,
  • Silver fibre has also been used as wound cover for centuries for animals. Knit equine blankets for horses. Dog & cat blankets and coats, and cushions for their baskets.
  • Knitted garments worn close to the skin help with eczema, psoriasis, body odour, warts, nappy rash and other rashes.
  • Help with immunity for preemies with knitted premature baby caps, wraps and blankets.


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Disclaimer: Because this is not a medical product. Our aim was to create a knitting experience with many beneficial and interesting properties. It is NOT a substitute for medication, nor do we make or claim any medicinal properties.

Xena Knits are the UK and European distributors of Sifa Silver Yarn supplying knitting shops and knitwear designers