Sifa Silver from Figgi Yarns

Xena Knits is proud to be stockists of the amazing Sifa Silver yarns.

Sifa Silver Cotton is a luxurious blend of soft Turkish cotton and 10% real medical grade pure silver, enough to provide a little of the comforting properties of silver when worn; microbial, antiseptic, deodorising, etc.

Also because it is an anti-allergenic fibre it is perfect for childrens knitwear. Especially knitted as socks or slippers, particularly useful for helping deodorise feet. This yarn is exclusive, one of a kind and protected fiercely.

Also Sifa Yarn is available in three beautiful colours: natural undyed, Moss and Bronze, the yarn has a slight matt appearance because of this makes it a very interesting yarn to make designs with.

Also Sifa Silver yarn alleged to help with foot skin diseases / fungal infections and rheumatic pains

Sifa Silver yarn also has a lovely vintage style or 1930’s appearance making the yarn perfect for knitting that something special for any stylish occasion.

Please note: No medical or scientific claims are made by xena knits for this product.

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