Should I repair my Electronic knitting machine

Should I repair my Electronic knitting machine

Lets start at the beginning. Should I repair my Electronic knitting machine. We start by posing a few questions.

  • Are you capable of changing a fuse in a plug ? yes or no
  • How do you feel about changing a plug ?
  • Now how do you feel about changing a plug socket ?
  • The TV stopped working, what do you do ?
  • Radio broke, what do you do ?

Answer those questions honestly and then think are you capable of repairing an electronic knitting machine. You are thinking it’s only an electronic knitting machine, it will be easy to repair. Maybe or maybe not.

Lets look at some points.

  • Some parts are replaceable as per manufacturer.
  • Other parts are only replaceable by professionals.
  • What if you replace a part and make a mistake.
  • Professionals pay lots for their training & trade body.
  • What are you trained in ?
  • Do you possess liability insurance ?
  • What happens if you sell machine after you repaired it ?


These are all very good points and questions.

If you replace a part and sell the machine, but you are not qualified. You will most likely be liable if the repair electrocuted someone. You may even face prison if it killed someone.

Professionals charge for a reason and it’s not just to rip you off.

  • They have expensive insurance if they get it wrong.
  • Have to advertise.
  • Pay for transport and fuel.
  • Plus many many other overheads.
  • Trade body they belong to is costly.
  • Training wasn’t free either.

They only charge what they can to cover all this and make a living. This is turn means they make a good fix. They want to make sure you are safe too.

Because repairing electrical items yourself can be both stupid and illegal. This includes electronic knitting machines.

One last pointer –  would you feel safe letting your little ones use a machine you repaired yourself ?

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