How to replace knitting machine needle

Replace knitting machine needle

Ever wondered how to replace knitting machine needle ?

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Tools required to replace knitting machine needle

Tool as in pic 1, leather or tough gardening gloves, allow enough space at end of knitting machine.

The correct replacement knitting machine needle or needles.

Time required
5 minutes to replace knitting machine needle, to replace 50 needles allow approximately 15-30 mins


These instructions may differ very slightly depending on make of knitting machine, we have found 99% of knitting machines are generally the same when it comes to replacing needles or sponge bars

Steps to be taken to replace knitting machine needle

1) Locate the damaged needle, either mark with a little bit of red tape or pull needle forward as shown in pic.

Find location of knitting machine spongebar as in first picture


2) Remove sponge bar from knitting machine.
Find location of knitting machine spongebar as shown in picture 2

Put the machine on a flat surface with lots of room at the ends for removal of the bar.

The easy way is to gently push the spongebar (picture 3) from the opposite end using the tool (the L shaped one it came with your machine picture 1).

Line up the small tool on the white / cream plastic end of spongebar as in picture 3.

Now you can push the metal tool gently against the spongebar, you will start to see the spongebar appearing at other end of machine you should now be able to pull it out, if not give it a push from starting end of knitting machine so spongebar pops out a little further.


3) Slowly pull spongebar from knitting machine taking care not to bend or twist spongebar, because if you bend the metal you ruin the spongebar.

When you have fully pulled out the spongebar, lay the spongebar on a flat surface this stops the bar warping or bending.

Picture 4 Shows the spongebar just by the tip of the finger.

We have only pulled spongebar out just enough to remove the needle.

Time for a cuppa ?

4) Remove the needle from knitting machine bed.

Pull needle forwards (towards yourself) as far as it will go, apply a little downward pressure on the latch end of needle, slowly lift the back of the needle as shown in Picture 5, slide backwards to rear of knitting machine, gently pulling needle from back out of needle slot.

Remember (be careful not to twist of bend needle, because it is a bit of a tight fight due to back of machine design).

Slowly, gently continue pulling needle upwards and out of slot as in Picture 6, the needle as now been removed.


5) Insert new needle latch first into slow Picture 7, slowly push needle into slot so the latch end pops out at front of machine (as per other needles), continue to pull needle (Picture 8) from latch end, as the needle is fully extended it will simply drop into slot.

Thats the needle now slotted in place.

Simply push needle back, using the little (upside down U) bend on needle (Pictures 9-10)


6) Now for the final step, you have replaced the needle or needles.

Insert the spongebar back into machine making sure as you push bar in to use a ruler or finger (Picture 11) and push the needles down so the sponge bar sits sponge down on top of the needles.

You have successfully learnt how to replace knitting machine needle .


Save time – only pull sponge bar our far enough to allow for changing of the 1 needle in question.

Remember to allow enough space at the end of knitting machine you are pulling the spongebar from.

Usually the spongebar is about the length of your machine, so we suggest double the length of machine for working space.

Also wear leather gardening gloves.

Because when pulling spongebar from knitting machine you could slice your finger off.

Some makes of spongebar metals can have razor sharp edges.

Because it is normal for the spongebar hard to push at first, you can try to push a little harder, it will start to pop out of other end.

We hope this post on replace knitting machine needle has been useful to you.

Also it’s definitely time for a cuppa, because you deserve one.

 How to replace a knitting machine needle