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Single Replacement Sponge bar kit for Sponge Retaining Bar – Knitmaster, Silver Reed, Studio, Empisal

Single Replacement Sponge bar kit suitable for Knitmaster, Empisal, Silver Reed, Singer Knitting machines and ribbers


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Single Replacement Sponge bar kit needle Retaining Bar Knitmaster Silver Reed

Only need one (1) Single Replacement Sponge kit Retaining Bar ?  This is the kit for you
Pack contents
 1 Self adhesive backed sponge strip 110cm long
1 Protective strip for top of sponge
Fitting Guide.

Single Replacement sponge bar kit for one machine or one ribber.

LOW COST – The low cost way to renew your knitting machine or ribber sponge in the sponge bar / needle retaining bar. Also ideal for Singer, Knitmaster, Empisal machines / ribbers. Single Replacement Sponge bar kit is a PRECISION SPONGE – We have machine precision cut the sponge to the perfect width and depth using the correct sponge density.

NO GLUE REQUIRED – Also No need to mess with glue or other adhesives, because our sponge is backed with a special adhesive designed for fixing sponge in place, makes fitting easier, cleaner and faster.

ECO FRIENDLY – Because Replacing the sponge in the spongebar not only saves you money it also reduces your environmental impact.

LENGTH – Also Sponge is supplied slightly longer than required all you need to do is cut to length required with scissors.


The best replacement sponge bar kit for knitting machine sponge bar available

Also for help fitting the spongebar / needles retaining kit Click Here


Below is video help for the spongebar kit

Because Zuusco is our most popular brand of sponge kit available for knitmaster knitting machines

This sponge kit will fit the following Knitmaster, Empisal or Silver Read steel bed knitting machines
  • Empisal, Knitmaster knitting machines
  • SK 7, SK 8
  • SK10, SK101, SK102, SK 103, SK 105, SK 106, SK121, SK155, SK160
  • SK210, SK260, F270, SK280
  • SK 301, SK302, SK 303, SK305, SK 310, SK 312, SK 313, SK315, SK321, SK322, SK323, SK324
  • SK326, SK327, SK328, SK329, SK360, F370,
  • SK500, SK 502, SK 503, SK550, SK560, SK580
  • SK600, SK700, SK740
  • SK810, SK830, SK840, SK860, SK890
  • Knitmaster Ribber SRP50, Knitmaster Ribber SRP60, Knitmaster Ribber SRP60N
  • Singer F270, Singer F370, Singer Ribber SRP50, Singer Ribber SRP60, Singer Ribber SRP60N
  • Singer SK-7, SInger SK-8, Singer SK101, Singer SK103, Singer SK105, Singer SK106
  • SK121 Singer , Singer SK210, Singer SK218, Singer SK260, Singer SK270, Singer SK280
  • SK301 Singer , Singer SK302, Singer SK303, Singer SK305, Singer SK310, Singer SK312, Singer SK313
  • SK315 Singer , Singer SK321, Singer SK322, Singer SK323, Singer SK324, Singer SK326, Singer SK327
  • SK328 Singer , Singer SK329, Singer SK360, Singer SK370, Singer SK500, Singer SK502, Singer SK503
  • SK550 Singer , Singer SK560, Singer SK580, Singer SK600
  • Singer SK670, Singer SK700, Singer SK740, Singer SK840, Singer Standard
  • Creative JBZ/L245-2


Additional information

Weight70 g
Dimensions1100 x 9 x 12 mm
Machine Types

Knitmaster, Empisol, Silver Reed


Self Adhesive Sponge – NO GLUE required



Pack Size

Single Pack – enough for 1 machine

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