Manos Del Uruguay Alegria

Manos del Uruguay hand-painted Knitting & Crochet yarns

Alegria yarns are pure luxury hand-painted dreams , Alegria yarns are soft and very easy to knit or crochet.

Manos Del Uruguay was created in 1968 looking for a way to help women in Uruguay’s countryside to generate income.
When developing their products they looked to natural materials they had to hand, wool in particular. Also to use the traditional skills that they had inherited.
They spin, dye, knit and weave the products that are later sold in the worlds most sophisticated markets.

Today, Manos is a co-operative of 400 women, but during peak export periods, they are working with as many as 1200 women.

Their Aim
Manos Del Uruguay is a non for profit organisation, owned by rural women.
Their drive is the co-ops most important social mission: providing job opportunities for women in the countryside. Making it possible for familes to stay together in their villages rather than migrating to the main cities that have a poorer quality of life.

Manos colours are their trademark. The secret lies in the patient kettle dyeing in small pots using precise colour recipes.
This crafted process creates the sybtle nuances in their striated colours as well as the fantastic shading of the space dyed.

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