Me, my knitting and my knitmaster knitting machines Part 2

I now had a second knitmaster knitting machine with a ribber yayyyy 🙂
The refurbished SRP50 Ribber and 323 Knitmaster Knitting Machine

Well I was now a happy camper I had two 323 Knitmaster knitting machines and a sparkling SRP50 ribber attached to one of the machines 🙂 Where do I start? how does the ribber work? what do I do?. Many questions and only a very old torn and grubby ribber manual so many pen marks and dirt on the pages it was hardly any use, all the key pages had been vandalised, so now what do I do?

OK this is when I made a total mess of my knitting, it was purely by trial and error and referring to the good pages in the ribber manual, I dropped so many stitches, caught the wool and swore a lot lol. I experimented with the punchcard designs on the ribber, etc etc.  Over the next few days I slowly started to get somewhere. I managed to knit a large square using the Ribber and Knitting Machine. at last I was seeing results, slowly my confidence was being rebuilt and I could see the real benefit of the Ribber.

Punchcard and the Ribber, miracle or disaster  
323 Knitmaster knitting machine and ribber

323 Knitmaster knitting machine and ribber

Now my confidence….

Now my confidence was bouncing to an all time high I started experimenting, the punchcard hmm this could be a disaster or a miracle, as it happens it turned out to be a miracle, the first card I loaded worked using lace weight cashmere I made a lovely scarf using the Ribber and Knitting Machine, the only thing it was a lot harder to move both carriages they seem when working in tandem much slower to slide along carriage and stiffer, I have been told this is normal.
Not all the punchcards can be used with the ribber, the ones I used worked fab and some of the designs were amazing. What I did find out is the ribber and knitting machine combo are a little picky about the type and weight of yarns used. Some yarns worked really well some not so well, the bizarre thing is using two different lace weight yarns one worked perfectly the other did not, no idea why both the same weight, the only difference was the type of animal the yarn came from.


Now I have a linker, 2 knitting machines and a ribber in a pear tree


My Front Room resembles a …

Now my front room resembles a sweatshop with knitting machines and ribber fixed to a table and part made experiments everywhere, I was in heaven, but something was missing, I have a pet hate hand joining knitted items can be slow and really makes your back and eyes ache, what should I do? I know I wante a linker to play with. A few days later my partner spotted a Hague Linker on ebay. he placed a bid and we won it. too easy again lol well yes, it needed four needles fixing and a bit of cleaning, my partner fixed it fairly quickly. Christmas came early 🙂


Setting up the linker and using it was so easy it was childs play, but the joined parts of knitting can look a little heavy on the joins if you don’t line up the two edges correctly and take your time joining. it is tempting to wind that handle like a lunatic , don’t , go slowly and steadily for best results.

I love knitting on the machines and I love designing new items of clothing to make on the machines. I think I push the machines beyond the limits. thinking outside of the box and make some amazing designs or so I have been told. People have said to me there is no way this item was made on a knitting machine, well it was ! It is amazing what you can do with a simple knitting machine.

I don’t use the ribber as much as I use the standalone knitting machine, I am thinking of selling the Ribber.

Now I have the full compliment of Knitmaster knitting machine and other machines and yarns, what next? Knowing the trouble I had finding parts for the machines and quality wools I decided to open a web based shop to supply quality items , this brings me to Xena Knits. I hope you like my website and find it useful 🙂 thanks Xena