Me, my knitting and my knitmaster knitting machines Part 3

I have been asked a few times how did we clean the knitting machines, well here is what we used and how we achieved it, hope these tips help you, remember though any cleaning work you undertake is entirely at your own risk as what worked for me may not work for you.

Rusty Knitting Machine Needles

We took all the needles out of the machine and sprayed them in Gunk which we bought from a local motoring shop, be careful the Gunk is highly flammable and should only be used outside.  We placed all the needles in a metal container (we used an old steel cooking pot) , then we sprayed the Gunk all over them, we left the needles to soak for about an hour, this worked amazingly well even on the rusty needles.

what I used to clean knitting machine needles

what I used to clean knitting machine needles

After soaking I removed them from the pot and wiped them all with a household lemon scented cleaning wipe (wear rubber gloves, Gunk is not pleasant on the hands) it took about 30 mins to wipe them all, any bits of rust left I used the black metal sandpaper (very fine) and just rubbed off the remaining rust.
After I had completed this I used a car dashboard shine wipe (silicone wipe) to make them shiny and smooth, the only thing is it took a couple of days for the Gunk smell to vanish. I had to replace a couple of needles which were either bent or too rusty to clean.
Thats it needles are done 🙂

More tips coming soon 🙂

If your needles are beyond cleaning I would recommend buying new ones – Click Here to see range of knitting machine needles for sale