Manos del Uruguay – Kettle Dye Yarn

Kettle Dye Yarn

Kettle Dye Yarn by Manos del Uruguay produces fantastic colours which have always been their trade mark.

Manos del Uruguay combine research with experimentation and traditional techniques also with 40 years of experience.

Kettle Dying a highly skilled artisanal process using small dye lots made in pots heated by wood fire or gas.

Manos del Uruguay colours are never completely solid, they have beautiful nuances and tone variations.

Also to achieve their spectacular space dyed colours they dye the same skein up to 6 times, the complexity of a true piece of art.

After being dyed Manos del Uruguay yarns the lots are sun-dried in their co-operatives back yards.

Also Manos del Uruguay never deliver their yarns until completely satisfied with the Kettle Dying process

The end appearance of the beautiful yarn is amazing.

Also because every skein is unique and no two skeins exactly the same, because of this we always suggest mixing the yarns when knitting to ensure the lots blend in a unique manner.


We welcome comments and pictures of projects you have made with Manos del Uruguay Kettle Dye Yarn.

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