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      Chinese sponge kits on Ebay

      This is a very common question we have been emailed recently,
      so I thought I would write about findings and info I have heard, here it is on the forum & highlight some interesting points

      Yes the Chinese sponge kit strips appear very cheap and you need to wonder how they can ship an item from China to uk and only charge £2.30 for it,


      1) Some of the sponge kits contain poisonous, even possibly deadly chemicals

      2) The sponge contains chemicals which are linked to cancer

      3) First thing is the sponge kits sold by Chinese suppliers on ebay are very low quality

      4) You will be very lucky if the sponge kit lasts more than a week.

      5) No real concern for customer safety, no customer backup help or support



      Xenaknits do not sell Chinese made sponge and offer you full backup customer service, we care about YOU the customers and the products you buy from us. We sell British sponge and mail our sponge kits from Britain, we pay taxes too.


      Do you want to take these risks with Chinese made sponge kits for spongebars ? I know I don’t want to risk my health or my precious knitting machine.

      If you want proper British made sponge bar kits click here


      #xenaknits #spongebars

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