Me, my knitting and my knitmaster knitting machines Part 3

Me, my knitting and my knitmaster knitting machines Part 3 I have been asked a few times how did we clean the knitmaster knitting machines. Here is what we used and how we achieved it, hope these tips help you. Remember though any cleaning work you undertake is entirely at your own risk as what worked for me may not work for you. Rusty Knitting Machine Needles We took all the needles out of the machine […]

Brother knitting machine list

Brother knitting machine list together with the help of many internet websites and friends, if you notice anything which is not right or you have more info to add please let me know. I will update this page as I obtain more info.

I would love some pics if anyone can supply them 🙂

Knitmaster, Empisal, Silver Reed Knitting Machine list

Knitmaster , Silver Reed, Empisal, Studio knitting machine list Knitmaster / Silver Reed machines were imported to Canada under the Singer name, if you have a Singer machine the information for the model number will be the same, also Studio parts and accessories will fit. (Also DO NOT confuse with the Singer/Superba/White knitting machine) In Britain Silver Reed machines were imported under the name of Knitmaster or Empisal. Because I have put this list together […]

Me, my knitting and my knitmaster knitting machines Part 2

The refurbished SRP50 Ribber and 323 Knitmaster Knitting Machine Well I was now a happy camper I had two 323 Knitmaster knitting machines and a sparkling SRP50 ribber attached to one of the machines 🙂 Where do I start? how does the ribber work? what do I do?. Many questions and only a very old torn and grubby ribber manual so many pen marks and dirt on the pages it was hardly any use, all […]

Me, my knitting my knitmaster knitting machines Part 1

Me, my knitting my knitmaster knitting machines People often ask me why I opened a knitting webstore, well the answer is simple I love to knit ! I started knitting when I was a child, loved it so much I continued , but I seem to have less and less time and eventually stopped knitting, however about a year ago I was given a 323 knitmaster knitting machine from a relative it dates from around […]

How to fit new sponge to a knitting machine sponge bar

Help article explaining how to remove the old sponge from the knitting machine needle retaining bar and replace it with a new sponge.

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