Brittany knitting needles

We are proud to be stockists of Brittany Knitting Needles

About Brittany Knitting Needles

Brittany Knitting Needles and hooks are made in America by a family of craftsmen, ensuring consistent quality and individual care. And, of course Brittany hooks and needles look beautiful.

Brittany pride themelves in being an environmentally-minded company and try to minimize their impact at every stage of production.

They have worked very hard to develop the “greenest” packaging possible for their needles. It is made from 100% recycled paperboard and is 100% recyclable. If the label is removed it is perfectly safe to put in your compost pile. The package is as small and lightweight as possible to be efficient in shipping and thus consume less energy getting to the final customer.

They recycle everything they can at their workshop, from catalogs to containers. Office paper and cardboard are reused if possible before being recycled. Shipping material is reused from packages they receive and they only buy eco-friendly packing material – never styrofoam. The actual amount of trash they create is minimal, much less than most households. The birch used to make the needles is sustainably harvested. They try to get the other materials used at their shop in the most environmentally friendly form available.

They appreciate the natural beauty and clean fresh air of the Northern California coast where we live and work and understand the importance of preserving it and the rest of our planet.

Why buy Brittany needles and hooks?

Probably the best reason has to do with the benefits of wood.
 Wood is warm, smooth and soft. It won’t drain heat from sensitive fingers the way aluminum and plastic needles do.

Birch is a superior wood for this purpose, its tensile strength and stability maintains size, resists warping and allows for smoothness of finish no other needle can provide.

Wood is our greatest renewable natural resource. It is environmentally friendly; it’s recyclable, biodegradable and durable; when it is no longer needed it can be returned to the earth. All wood used by Brittany comes from strictly regulated forests or small woodland owners in the United States ensuring proper environmental logging practices and selective cutting for maximum reforestation.

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